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One of those 'theatre darlings' apparently.


By day I'm a business journalist the rest of the time I escape into the world of theatre and cinema.

Re-discovered my love of theatre in 2007 and have been going up to four times a week ever since. I'll watch pretty much anything from something performed on a stage the size of a tea tray in a village hall to the West End and beyond; I went to New York to see a play once. The only exception is musicals. Tried 'em and they just don't do anything positive for me.

I've been spat on by an actor, splattered with stage blood and on the receiving end of a joke when the fourth wall was broken. Lyn Gardner once linked to my blog from her own and it's been down hill ever since.

More than happy to received invites to review plays - the more notice you can give me the better as my diary can get booked up - just drop me an email.

Then there are films. I like most films although I do see more foreign and independent movies these days. That said I still love a popcorn movie. I'm a Twilight fan, a Harry Potter fan, a Hunger Games fan and a LOTR's fan.

I get absorbed and once said something out loud to the on-screen Tom Cruise during Mission Impossible IV. But, I'm not like that old man with the white hair who stalks the early weekend screenings in the West End and is prone to shouting out to the characters and vocalising historical inaccuracies.

What else do you need to know?

Well I love reading reviews and interviews but only after I've seen a play or film. I like to experience things first hand and these scribblings are really about those experiences. I will, of course, flag up if I think I might be giving something away about the plot so as not to spoil others enjoyment. If it's Hamlet though, I will probably assume people know the story. My mum once commented, after I mentioned I'd seen yet another production of the Danish drama: "Surely you know the story by now." Bless Her.

Hamlet, it won't surprise you to hear, is my favourite Shakespeare. I prefer Ibsen to Chekhov, although I persist with the latter, and Ben Whishaw is my favourite actor and is possibly stalking me. Possibly.

I'm a fan but not a fan-girl; I will call it out when I see flaws and problems, regardless of how much I love a particular actor/director/writer. Nobody is perfect.

I really am a reverend (it's amazing what you can get on the internet ;0), I'm not a man as you may have guessed - the Stan bit is a long story. Oh and I live in and love London which is quite handy really.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram as RevStan.

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